About Us

About Albo Appliance

At Albo, we’re not just your typical home appliance retailer; we’re a cherished, family-owned and operated establishment that offers unbeatable deals.

While many companies claim to provide competitive pricing and personalized service, we’ve been delivering on this promise since 1952. Time and time again, our loyal customers have attested to our commitment to exceptional service at every stage of the buying process. When you couple that dedication with our unwavering pledge to offer the lowest prices on top-notch products, you’re left with a deal that’s truly unparalleled. It’s no surprise that our approval rating in New Jersey stands at an impressive 99%+.

Original ALBO Location - Berlin
Original ALBO Location - Audubon

Albo has been a part of our family for over three generations, and we extend the same familial treatment to our employees and customers. If you’re seeking exceptional prices on home appliances, along with the finest sales-to-service care in the industry, we invite you to pay us a visit today.

What Sets Albo Apart?

  • Strong Family Value
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Extensive Knowledge and Sales Expertise
  • Exceptional Customer Service Throughout the Sales Process
The First ALBO vehicle in the 1950’s.

Audubon Store - 1960s + 1970s
Audubon Store - 1960s + 1970s
Founder, Bernardino Crudeli - 1950s
Bernardino and Brian Crudeli at Sales & Design School
Brian Crudeli negotiating Truckload Deals - Late 1980s
Founder, Bernardino Crudeli - 1980s